(which will further ENHANCE your Internet business strategies so that you can replace your job FASTER...)

this is me (yes I'm Chinese, and please excuse Spiderman - I just happen to like him a lot...)

In June 2006, a guy from Indonesia (a South East Asian country) stumbled upon a website that talked about the possiblity of earning money online from the comfort of one's own home.

(...and even from within his pajamas, as the site claimed).

Excited about this, he searched on Google for more information.

11 months and thousands of dollars and countless failures later, a white envelope arrived at his doorplace. He opened it up and found a Citibank check for the amount one hundred plus dollars.

Never mind about the meager amount, he was ECSTATIC!

This was the very first time he had finally been able to earn money online.

All those endless nights figuring out how to earn money online and the endurance from daily ridicule from family members and close friends had finally paid off...

However, in the coming months ahead,he struggled to make any money online (because his Internet business foundation skills were not strong enough...)

...Until 2008 when he finally learned what it took to really build a real, CONSISTENT online business...

And life from then on is still the same for this guy, apart from the fact that he is now able to maintain a CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE online income and thefore has the luxury of quitting his day job, thanks to the hard and painful lessons learned throughout the past few years.

The feeling of not having to go to the dreaded office early in the morning and be stuck in unbearable traffic jam is such a wonderful and relaxing feeling. What's more fun, though, is the fact that he does not have to answer to his boss, or anyone for that matter.

It really is a feeling of pure joy and gladness that he does not have to go through the rat race competing with other "rats" going through the same boring, unproductive, and unsatisfying cycle every single day.

Sometimes his neighbors, relatives, and friends would wonder suspiciously: "Hey don't you have to go to work? It's already 11 am and you're still in your shorts and T-shirt?"

This Is His Typical Working Day:

Wake up at 9 am (sometimes later depending on mood and workload), work on his Internet business (and NOT working on someone else's business to make them richer), run some personal errands, work again, chill out with wife, go to the movies when a good one comes out (especially Spiderman 4 which is due to be released...)

Sidenote: YES he still has to work on his Internet business, unlike all the "gurus" who do NOT have to work at all and instead are sipping pina coladas by the beach with their laptop on their laps checking how much "moola" they've made that day without doing any work whatsoever (or so they claimed...)

Saturday And Sunday:

Enjoy, have fun, and NO work! Watch Formula 1 racing on TV if there is a race that weekend, watch more movies, play Wii, chill out more.

In a word: "FUN"!

The BEST Thing About His Lifestyle:

The FREEDOM to work or do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. The FREEDOM to be with his family, either at home or outside spending quality time (that CAN'T be bought) together.

Because he wants you to share the same lifestyle, he has prepared something special...

This $488 FREE Internet Marketing Gifts Is A TIME-SENSITIVE Marketing Test – Meaning It WON’T Last For Long

Other people have paid as much as $488 to get their hands on these Internet Marketing strategies, but today you have the opportunity to get it for FREE.

Now, you may be thinking: "Who are you anyway and why should I listen and trust you?"

Well, I'm no Internet Marketing "guru" but I know very well what I'm doing, and what I'm doing brings in a CONSISTENT online income every single month, without fail.

Below you can see a screenshot taken from my PayPal account:

This is NOT mouth-watering income by any means, but it’s still a FULL TIME decent income that supports me and my wife.

It’s Also Worth Mentioning That IN ADDITION To The PayPal Money, Cash Also Flows Into My Indonesian Bank Account On A DAILY Basis For Information Products I Sell To My Indonesian Customers

My name is Welly Mulia and I live in a South East Asian country called Indonesia. Since February 2008, I've been teaching people in my country how to build a Real Internet business (I first got started in Internet Marketing in 2006 and it wasn't until 2008 that I began to teach people how to build their own profitable Internet business).

To date (since February 2008), I've released 8 Internet Marketing products (almost all of them are in my native Indonesian language).

Coaching clients pay me $300/month for personal one-on-one coaching with me, but today you have the opportunity to claim the same PROVEN online business strategies that I share with my one-on-one coaching clients for FREE in the form of my $488 FREE Gifts.

Please note that these $488 FREE Internet Marketing Gifts are NOT your typical Internet Marketing info products that you see everywhere on the Internet.

And definitely NOT like those low quality PLR products that you see on all the giveaway sites.

Far from it…

These valuable Internet Marketing products are collectively selling for $488, but today you can claim all of them for FREE.

I know you're probably most likely wondering if you "REALLY" can do it and build a real online business.

Look, when I first got started, I didn't know that I could make it. I didn't know that I would be writing this to you today. I simply "just do it" and look at me now...

And seriously... if I, with my half-decent, crazy Asian accent can do it, then I'm VERY sure you can do it better than me.

(...mind you, English is NOT my native language but I'm willing to accept this FACT and find ways to overcome this handicap instead of complaining and whining how unfavorable my situation is compared to other marketers from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia)

So What’s Included In These $488 FREE Gifts?

NINJA Traffic Power Video Training Series ($217 value)
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You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, then it’s USELESS! In this video training series, I teach you 7 Ninja Traffic Power methods of generating visitors to your website (or any website) for free so other people can see your offer.

Method 1 - Tap Into Your Competitors' Best Sources Of Traffic For FREE ($31 Value)

In method 1, I'm going to show you how to steal ETHICALLY from other high traffic blogs in your marketplace. As if this is not "cunning" enough, I'll even show you how these blogs are going to THANK YOU for stealing their traffic.

Method 1 is all about an exodus from your competitors' blogs to your website.

Warning: Expect a visitor surge! (if you do it the right way)

Method 2 - The Right BAIT For A Traffic Flood ($31 Value)

In method 2, still to do with blogs, you'll learn how to CONVINCINGLY persuade other blogs in your niche link to your blog, simply by using the power of content BAIT.

(... you do, however, need to have GOOD content though, not just some lame PLR articles)

This is definitely NOT black hat, and in fact 100% white hat and legal and ethical.

Ohhh and did I mention it's long lasting as well...

Method 3 - How To Drop Comments That STEAL Attention ($31 Value)

You're probably already familiar with method 3 (blog commenting), except that you're probably doing it the WRONG way.

Let me teach you the RIGHT way to EFFECTIVELY drop comments on other related blogs so that you receive a percentage of their visitors.

And did you also know there are 2 primary reasons for doing blog commenting? Don't worry I'm going to explain what they are in this training module.

You'll also discover an IMPORTANT metric that you need to look out for before dropping your comments. If you disobey this rule, your comments will be useless!

Method 4 - How To Sell In Forums Without Looking Like You're Actually Selling ($31 Value)

In method 4, you're going to learn how to do forum marketing correctly.

You don't just go out there to every forum and post your sales pitch. Doing this will guarantee that you get banned from the forum.

Instead, use my "4 factors checklist" when choosing a GREAT forum to leave your forum comments on.

After you've found a forum to leave your comments on, the next step is, of course, to leave your forum comments. I show you my "4 Steps To LETHAL Forum Marketing" that is bound to increase your brand and exposure throughout the forum.

Method 5 - Funneling Real Visitors From Article Directories ($31 Value)

Method 5 is article marketing - BUT this is not the typical article marketing advice you see and hear everywhere.

In this training module, you'll learn the 2 benefits of article marketing, as well as how to do the right keyword resarch for your article marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that doing keyword research for article marketing is DIFFERENT from doing keyword research for your main website or blog.

I'm also going to show you how to write an effective article title and ENTICING author resource box so that readers want to click on your link to go to your website.

Method 6 - Branding Yourself Via Twitter ($31 Value)

I don't need to explain what Twitter is do I?

In this module, we're going to take a look at how to expose your website or blog and increase your brand through the power of Twitter.

(...however, even with all the social media craze right now, you should NOT rely solely on Twitter for your marketing efforts)

Which is why I've included 6 other visitors-getting tactics in this NINJA Traffic Power Video Training Series to complement your Twitter marketing efforts.

Method 7 - Garnering Links From Social Bookmarking Sites ($31 Value)

In this method, you'll learn how to leverage the power of social bookmarking to bring in more traffic to your site.

Like I've said above, social media is all the craze right now, and you should make good use of this craze to your advantage RIGHT NOW!

I'm going to reveal a free social bookmarking tool you can use to save you time and effort when bookmarking your site. Although this tool is only semi-automatic (and not yet fully automatic), I guarantee that you'll save a lot of time and effort nonetheless.

The Beginners Guide To Simple Blog Profits ($97 Value)
[you can buy it here if you like]

In this blueprint, I show you STEP-BY-STEP how to build a WordPress blog from scratch. Don’t know what domain and hosting is? Don’t know what an FTP program is and don’t know how to use it?

No problem, let me show you. Yes, it’s THAT step-by-step!

After you've created your blog, I'll show you how to earn money.

Inside Beginners Blog Profits, you'll learn:

Why most beginners fail to make any money online and the sad thing is they don’t even know this simple reason => which is why they continue to fail time and time again.

Make sure you are not _______. Because if you are, then you are 100% bound to fail. If you want to really earn money online, you need to make sure NOT to do this!

Is Internet Marketing for real? Where does all the Internet money come from?

Why you should build your website using a blog and not just a regular website.

Why you should choose WordPress over any other blogging platform out there.

What is domain and why you absolutely need it if you want to make real money from the Internet.

What exactly is hosting and what is its purpose.

How to connect your domain and hosting together so that when you type www.YourDomain.com, your blog shows up.

How to install your WordPress blog easily

How to change your blog’s theme and layout so that your blog looks unique

How to write and edit your post, insert images and videos

How to add and edit your category, page, links, and link categories

How to change your blog's settings including writing, editing, discussion, and permalinks... and why you want to for maximum profits!

How to moderate comments on your blog

What are plugins and which ones should you use as an Internet Marketer

How To Change Your Profile & Password

How to turn your blog into a deadly cash-generating machine that spits out cash day in and day out, and why you should build a blog that ______ instead of one that ______.

How to choose a market that is right for you so that you can reap maximum profits day in and day out

Should you choose a niche based on _____ or _____?

4 factors to consider when choosing the right market:
- Do you _____ and _____ about it?
- Do you _____ it?
- Are there _____ _____ in it?
- Are there _____?

How to drive traffic using _____ and _____.

A lot of people, especially beginners, do not know how to drive traffic to their sites from Google. While this is not a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course, I’ll show you how to do effective keyword research.

Most of the times people either target keywords that have fierce competition, or they target keywords that have little competition but very few people are searching for that keyword phrase (which means there is no demand).

In this bonus report, I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal to you how I do keyword research effectively so that you can copy my method and target those keywords that people are searching for which also have little competition.

Einstein Product Whiz: Instant Product System Manual ($174 Value)
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Still cringe at the thought of creating your own information product?

Well, you can kiss them goodbye as I’ll be revealing and showing you a system on how to create your own SIZZLING, high quality, UNIQUE information product in 1 day or less.

Please note I’m not talking about editing some low quality PLR products and putting your name as the creator – I’m talking about UNIQUE and high quality products that you create yourself.

With this manual, you'll discover and learn:

The absolutely crazy reason why a lot of people will never, ever successfully create even a single product that they longed so hard to create, and why you should never, ever, follow their footsteps or you’re doomed to fail!

How to leverage the expertise and knowledge of other people to aid you in your quest of creating sizzling information products fast, and the best thing is they literally create all the content for you yet you get to own the product and receive 100% of the selling price.

Why _____ is a very powerful word and how you can use this word to gain unfair advantage in your marketplace.

Why you must find experts who are already _____ _____ in their marketplace. Get this wrong and you’ll never find an expert who is going to agree to your interview.

The 2 ways to find experts to interview and how to implement these 2 ways correctly by looking at some metrics.

How to hunt down an expert even if you can’t find his contact details on his website.

The 2 different ways to contact an expert and why one will result in a higher chance that you receive a reply from him.

7 cool tricks you must use to make the expert say “YES” to your interview (one of them is Top Secret, so its hush hush)!

Why is it that by giving away your interview product, the expert is more likely to agree to your interview.

What NOT to do when the interview is taking place so that your interview product is of the highest quality.

What you need to prepare (other than the list of interview questions) before the day of the interview to ensure maximum content creation.

How to conduct the interview totally Free (apart from your Internet connection fee) by using _____ and _____.

How to create a WOW customer experience so that they buy from us again in the future, thereby filling our pockets with more money.

How to make your product stand out from the crowd and be easily noticed so that more people will want to buy your product instead of your competitors’ products.

How to write a sizzling sales letter that is going to hypnotize visitors so that they’ll whip out their credit cards to buy your product.

And much more…


So How Do You Claim These Valuable FREE Gifts?

Very simple. All you need to do to claim all the Gifts above (worth $488) is to give my Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching a fair 14-day trial for only $1.

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Your $488 FREE Gifts are going to show you how to REPLACE YOUR JOB On The Internet FAST.

But if you want STEP-BY-STEP (and I really do mean step-by-step unlike all the sites that claim they teach you step-by-step when in fact it’s not even close to that at all) guidance from an experienced and honest marketer who knows what he’s doing, and if you have any questions at all while on your way to REPLACING YOUR JOB (which I’m pretty sure you’ll have), I’ll answer them!

Here’s what you’re going to get as a member of my Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching Program:

Weekly Training Lesson ($97 Value)
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Total Value: $318

So What’s The Catch?

You may be wondering why I’m GIVING AWAY so much value in exchange for a measly $1? Why don’t I simply sell all of these at a much, much higher price point?

Good question, and the answer is simple.

Because you don’t know me (…yet) and the Internet is full of scams and dishonest people (and marketers) who are trying to sell you this and that

I know you’re afraid that I’m one of them who just want to rip you off your money and then never to be heard from again.

I know that the reason you don’t trust me is because you don’t know me yet. You don’t know who I am as a person, and you don’t know who I am as a marketer.

This is EXACTLY the reason why I’m giving away EVERYTHING to you in exchange for a measly $1.

I can mind-read your next question:

“So you only want to make $1 from me? That’s it?”

The answer is of course NO.

Let's forget about the "I love to teach and want to give something back" lame reasons.

(I'll be honest with you - I'm a marketer and I'm here to make money; and by helping you to replace your job, I make even more money...)

You see, once you’ve implemented the money-getting strategies you receive in your FREE Gifts, you’ll see how powerful my teachings is, then you're going to extend your stay in my GOLD coaching program and I'm VERY sure you'll be back to buy more of my other products too in the future.

But there is ONE simple requirement to be able to qualify for the $488 FREE Gifts…

And that is, you MUST promise me that you’ll take action and implement what you’ve learned from my teachings.

If you’re the kind of person who simply learn and learn all the time without taking action on what you’ve learned, then I’m sorry to be blunt to you – you will not succeed NO MATTER WHAT!

If you’re like this, then please do NOT claim the $488 FREE Gifts because they’ll be of no use to you.

(You’ll simply be wasting your time and my time…)

How Is Your GOLD Coaching Different Than Other Similar "Make Money Online" Courses? Why Should I Choose You Over Them?

First of all, my GOLD Coaching is NOT about "making money online". Rather it's about building a REAL, CONSISTENT, and SUSTAINABLE Internet business that will provide you with LONG TERM WEALTH.

(..."making money online", on the other hand, is about generating SHORT TERM INCOME)

Here is what makes my Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching UNIQUE and different from my competitors' courses or ebooks:

Reason One

I show and teach you in a STEP-BY-STEP format. This is really STEP-BY-STEP, unlike other courses out there that claim they teach you step by step when in fact it's far from it.

(...hey if it's NOT step by step like I said, PLEASE ask me for a refund - you have every RIGHT to do so)

Reason Two

You can ask me questions in the member area (something A LOT of the programs out there do NOT have).

Look, 99.99% of the time you WILL meet some kind of road blocks and difficulties when building your Internet business. I'm here to help. So ask me questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

I understand that as beginners just starting out, you're bound to have questions, which is why I provide this service for GOLD Coaching students.

Reason Three

The training lessons are delivered in a weekly format, with assignments. This means you only need to focus on THAT week's training lesson and do the assignment as assigned. NO MORE information overload, and no more ACTION PARALYSIS.

Reason Four

The learning fee is INSANELY UNDERPRICED. It only costs you $19.95/month for a maximum of 4 months (the coaching program runs for 4 months, and after that you'll have graduated with all the skills you need to build a CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE Internet business that has the power to REPLACE YOUR JOB).

How many ebooks (that do NOT deliver as much value and where you CAN'T ask questions) have you bought for $97 or more?

So What Exactly Will You Be Getting Today?

NINJA Traffic Power Video Training Series ($217 value)
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This video training series comprises of:

Method 1 - Tap Into Your Competitors' Best Sources Of Traffic For FREE ($31 Value)
Method 2 - The Right BAIT For A Traffic Flood ($31 Value)
Method 3 - How To Drop Comments That STEAL Attention ($31 Value)
Method 4 - How To Sell In Forums Without Looking Like You're Actually Selling ($31 Value)
Method 5 - Funneling Real Visitors From Article Directories ($31 Value)
Method 6 - Branding Yourself Via Twitter ($31 Value)
Method 7 - Garnering Links From Social Bookmarking Sites ($31 Value)

The Beginners Guide To Simple Blog Profits ($97 Value)
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Einstein Product Whiz: Instant Product System Manual ($174 Value)
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14-Day FREE Access To Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching ($318 Value) which comprises of:

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The GOLD Coaching Program runs for 4 months; and after 4 months, you’ll successfully graduate with ALL the skills you need to build a CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE Internet business FAST.

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30 Days 100%
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I'm even going to go one step further so that ALL the risk is on me - meaning YOU have everything to GAIN and I have everything to LOSE.

If you feel my teachings have not benefited you in any way, or for WHATEVER reason at all you want me to give you your money back, simply contact me via my support desk (link at the bottom of this page) within 30 days and I’ll give you a full 100%, No-Questions-Asked, No-Hassle Money Back!

Ohhh And By The Way Here's What People Are RAVING About My Teachings...

"Not Only Does It Lay Out The Step-By-Step Blueprint For Creating Your First Blog, But It Takes The Guesswork Out Of Choosing Topics And Keywords"

Beginner's Blog Profits is the kind of course I could have really benefited from when I first started Internet Marketing.

This course must have taken months to create, because nearly every single page has a picture that details exactly what you need to do.

You can't go wrong using this method and if you are looking to get started with niche blogging, then this is a great go to guide.

Now, I just need to figure out how my list can get a copy, they'll love it!

Nathan Hangen

"The Step-By-Step Instructions Are Priceless, Plus The Report About Choosing The Right Market, The 4 Factors, Was Clear And Motivating"


Beginners Blog Profits is perfect for a new blogger like me!

These reports were so detailed and informative without being boring or filled with programming or html talk that I couldn’t understand. I’m embarrassed to admit that after years of using keyword searches, I still didn’t understand it as well as I would have liked.

You were able to simply explain not only how to search for keywords but how to evaluate the information you receive and turn it into profits - EXTREMELY helpful!


"I Have Read A Few Books On Blogging But None Compared To This One For The Easy To Follow, Well Written, Step By Step Instuctions"

I have been doing webpages for a few years and now feel I would like to add blogging to my skills.

Each step is accompanied by graphics showing exactly where to click or add information.

If you are new to blogging ,you will be up and running in no time with this great report.

Danny Turner

"This Is Surely Heaven Sent... Welly, You Are Clearly A Master At Explaining How And Why To Do Things, In A Way That Is Easily Understandable, Yet In No Way Condescending"

Hi Welly

I'm so pleased that I discovered this guide when I did. It has saved me hours (probably even days) of my time and I now realise that I would never have managed to work out all this stuff for myself. This is surely 'heaven sent'.

I set up my first Wordpress Blog a week ago and quite frankly was baffled by all the options and the new terminology that I was faced with. I really had no idea which elements to use to make my blog a success, nor how.

This guide has cut through all the jargon and shown me exactly what I need to know.

I now understand what a blog is and how to use it to benefit my business as well as my readers, by using tools that I didn't peviously know even existed on blogs.

This guide also includes some of the best tutorial graphics I have seen in an e-book. You have set an awesome standard.

My attitude to blogs has completely changed now; from wondering whether setting up my blog had been a good idea or not, to one of complete confidence that I know exactly how to structure it and what I can do to benefit from having a blog online.

Thank you so much.

Kate Davies

"Beginners Blog Profits Takes Your Hand And Guides You Step By Tiny Step Into Your First Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog Even If All You Know Is How To Use An Internet Browser And Send And Receive Email"

You will also learn to make money from your writing. It is highly recommended for the newcomer to the world of blogging or if you want to move from free blogs to your own blog with your own domain.

Dr. Javad Hashtroudian

"All That The Reader Needs To Supply Is The Action. Just Do It And You'll Be Successful"

I found this report to be a thorough, step by step introduction to blogging that any newbie could follow to profit. It is well presented, well written, and well thought out and goes into detail where detail is required and does not bother with the fluff.

Someone new to Wordpress blogs will find this an invaluable resource and I recommend it highly.

Unlike many of the reports I've seen, this one seems to cover the bases well and does not pretend to be what it is not.

It is not a get rich plan, it IS, however, a very workable blueprint for success at blogging.

Good job and I know you'll do well inthe market with this product.

T. Power

"All You Have To Do Is Read It, Follow It, And Implement It"

Hi Welly

Welly gives a step by step no nonsense guide to making an income online. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and is very well presented.

If you are new to blogging this guide could be your first steps to making your first income online. All you have to do is read it, follow it, and implement it. I know I certainly will.

Thanks again Welly for the opportunity.


"Anyone Just Starting Will Easily Be Able To Follow The Right Steps To Start Making Money Online"

Excellent Welly!

You've provided easy to understand guides on all of the basics of starting an online presence. One of the easiest step-by-step WordPress guides I've seen.

Well done!

Robin Skeen

"This Is A Perfect Guide For A Beginner Blogger Who Wants To Learn How To Make An Income From Their Blog"

This guide is a clear and easy-to-read blueprint that anyone without any technical background can understand.

Welly's writing style is refreshingly without any hype or bs. There are lots and lots of marked screenshots so it's very easy to follow along.

Congratulations, Welly, for creating such an awesome product.

Karen Blundell

"Very Thorough And Step By Step. This Guide Enables You To Take Action And Get Results"

I was at first skeptical, but I can see that this system will work. Gives you the psychology to win over Established Authorities and create a sellable product quickly.

I recommend also creating products the old fashioned way, through research -- but both methods will work. Good stuff.

Paul Coleman

"Welly Mulia's Guide Is Easy To Understand And Provides All Of The Information Necessary To Implement The System Immediately"

This product offers a step-by-step system from choosing your niche subject to creating a valuable information product quickly.

It is also ideal for people who are new to the idea of creating information products as all of the concepts and tools are broken down and demystified.

Katie Williams

"Not Only Does Welly Give You Great Information About How To Create Information Products The Easiest Possible Way, But He Also Gives You A Complete Business Model"

If you want to make money with your own product, then this is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Don't let this information go to waste, if you get the book use it. So many people just look at different things bouncing around from one product to another. Take action on this one. Persist until you have a product out there making you money. It really won't take you that long.

There's nothing like having your own product out there making you money every day!

Steve Brown

"This Is Practical, Simple And If Action Is Taken On It Immediately, Then Bank Account Will Certainly Swell"

Hello Welly,

I've just finished with your product, I missed an appointment while reading it because it was not one of 'those so called books' on product creation.

You know one very interesting thing, I have been thinking about that method of product creation before, but the motivation wasn't there to go ahead. Your book didn't just provide information but also motivation.

Thanks for doing a good job and most especially for not making it too big.

It will do well in the market.


"It Can Be Used To Create An Excellent Companion Product For More Detailed And Advanced Products, Irrespective Of The Niche"

Hi Welly,

I have just finished reading through your report. Product creation is something that is very important to me and I find your simple step-by-step approach to be well thought out and presented, particularly for newbies.

Sandy DuPlessis

"It Covers Finding The Material, Developing The Product And The Distribution Of The Product. It Shows You Some Very Savvy Tactics To Make This Process As Painless As Possible"

Having just read the report my response is:

It is very concisely written step by step guide to creating your own product. There is no fluff just a clearly laid out roadmap for you to implement. If you do so, you will have your own product very rapidly.

The report addresses any technical issues you might have and gives you easy free solutions to them.

If you are thinking of creating your own product then this report will give you a flying start.

Fazal Khan

"I'm Very Impressed With The Way You Laid Out Your Method Step-By-Step So That Even The Most Inexperienced Marketers Can Follow Your Plan. Well done!"

I checked out your report and I must say you've hit on a great idea.

Interviewing perceived experts and authority figures is an effective way to create a useful info-product even if you have almost no knowledge on the subject.

Mike Collins

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